Ammara Khan magenta tunic silk kurta Phir Story


Ideal for those invites where the dress code is a bit ambiguous, this piece never looks out of place. Dress it up for a formal dawat or a keep it low key for a chill dinner with a few friends. This shirt will truly embody the spirit of either. 


Admist the muse luxe sequin adorned gowns and lace cut pieces flooding our socials, we’d like to highlight the versatility of a staple piece that most of us already have in our closets.

Drumroll please...

The printed silk kurta

As much as we all love a trend piece, there are some pieces that will always remain classics and a printed silk kurta is just that.

It's ideal for those invites where the dress code is a bit ambiguous, from a formal dawat to a chill dinner with a few friends, the printed silk shirt will embody the essense of any gathering with ease and sophistication.

Once you let go of the idea that the shirt in and of itself is a statement and see it as more of palette of colors to pick from, you can truly make it your own and bring out its full potential.

Make a statement by changing out the neutral pants for a bolder color or even a print if you dare!  Layers on accessories for a bit of flair, glam it up with a bold lip, keep it traditional by adding duppata and some jhumkas, or opt for a contemporary twist with plain pants and loafers.

This is one of those pieces that seamlessly transitions from casual to formal, depending on the occasion and your mood.

Below, we've curated a selection of silk kurtas from The Phir Story collection that are truly versatile, allowing you to style them according to your individual taste and the demands of any event:


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