Why Phir?

PHIR pe nahin to Sar pe

It's either your Mom's taunt, or something's seriously on your mind

  • Keep in Closet

    How much can your closet hold? When will it see the light of day again? What if it never gets used again? Yeah, too many questions to consider. NEXT!

  • Donate

    It's fulfilling, but think about it. Not all clothes can be donated. Not all places have viable donation options. Mostly though, the best of the best in your closet demands better.

  • Throw Away

    This one hurts, and we take it seriously. Fast fashion today has made this an easy choice for you, but a difficult one for the planet.

PHIR bhi shaq hai?

In case you still need more convincing

  • Sustainable Packaging

    We use packaging made from both compostable and recycled materials. We will do our best to limit packaging as much as possible. 

  • Environmentally Friendly

    The idea behind The Phir Story is to keep our luxury and well made custom items in circulation, which leads to saving water used in the manufacturing process, as well as keeping textile materials out of landfills. 

  • Changing Mindsets

    The Phir Story seeks to challenge the stigma behind rewearing clothes. We do so by highlighting a sense of ownership that has been lost over the years. We hope that when our customers and consignors understand that they alone control the narrative of every outfit in their closet, their choices will become more conscientious

  • Standing for a cause

    The Fashion industry complies with what consumers demand. By creating awareness amongst the public about the need for conscientious fashion, we hope to navigate the industry towards more sustainable manufacturing choices.