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Only a 15% commision

how it works

  1. You: Complete our form.

  2. We: list your items on our Bazaar page

  3. You: can track your sales on the vendor portal

  4. You: Upon sale, you send us a video & We authenticate the outfit for the buyer.

  5. You: pack and ship the item (We provide the shipping label)*

  6. You:  get paid through Zelle, Paypal or check, once the buyer receives the item,

* Outfit must be mailed within 7 days of being bought, otherwise the sale is nullified.

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Agreement TPS Bazaar

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1. Item Shipping

Consignor agrees to ship the consigned item(s) within 7 days of the purchase being made by the buyer. TPS will provide necessary shipping details to Consignor upon confirmation of the purchase.

2. Authenticity

Consignor warrants that all items consigned to TPS are authentic and genuine. Consignor shall not sell any fakes, replicas, or copies of any item. If it is found that any item sold by Consignor is inauthentic, TPS reserves the right to terminate this Agreement immediately and take appropriate legal action.

3.Condition of Item:

Consignor agrees to ensure that the item(s) consigned to TPS are in the same condition as they were when listed. Any significant discrepancies between the listed condition and the actual condition of the item may result in penalties or termination of this Agreement at the discretion of TPS.

4. Buyer's Fee:

TPS will charge the buyer a buyer's fee for each purchase made through its platform. This fee is not commissionable to the Consignor and will be deducted from the final sale amount before calculating the consignment payout.

5. Commission:

The buyer commission constitutes 85% of the product sale price, excluding the $10 buyer's fee.

TPS shall retain a 15% commission from the final sale price of each item sold through its platform.

6. Payment Terms:

TPS agrees to remit payment to the Consignor within 1 month of the sale being completed and the buyer's receipt of the item.

Payment shall be made via the agreed-upon method seller decided when listing their items.

8. Discount

TPS reserves the right to markdown the price of items by up to 10%, and the commission will be calculated based on the sale price after any markdowns.

7. Termination

Either party may terminate this Agreement immediately with a written notice to the other party.

Upon termination, TPS shall remove any unsold items of the Consignor's from the website.