15% commision

 Bazaar Benefits:
You have control:
  • Price your own items
  • Keep your item until it sells
  • Track your sales 
*No Minimum, you can post an item for as low as you'd like

40% commision 

Concierge Benefits:

Sit back, relax and let TPS take care of:
  • Cleaning
  • Photography 
  • Shipping 
* Items in this category must have an original price of $400 or more 

why sell with the phir story?

  • insured shipping

    All packages are insured, you receive your payout no matter what.
  • customer support

    We are here to ensure your experience selling on TPS is smooth and effortless. 
  • transparency

    You can track your listings and payouts in the vendor portal.
  • niche marketing

    Sell faster by reaching the right audience through our marketing.
The Phir Story Concierge

how it works:

  1. You: Complete the form, original price must be > $400.

  2. You: Send us your clothes (We provide the shipping label)*

  3. We: professionally dry clean and capture high-quality photos.

  4. We: Price the item and list it on our website

  5. You: track your listing on the vendor portal

  6. We: handle the packaging and shipping to the buyer upon sale.

  7.  You: receive your payout


TPS Commision


Your Payout
* TPS will charge the buyer a $10 buyers fee for free relisting, authentication and free insured shipping, this fee is not commisionable to the seller. 
The Phir Story Bazaar

how it works:

  1. .You: Complete our form.

  2. We: list your items on our Bazaar page

  3. You: can track your sales on the  vendor portal

  4. You: Upon sale, you send us a video & We authenticate the outfit for the buyer.

  5. You: pack and ship the item (We provide the shipping label).

  6. You:  get paid through Zelle, Paypal or check, once the buyer receives the item.*


TPS Commision


Your Commision
TPS will charge the buyer a $10 buyers fee for free relisting, authentication and free insured shipping, this fee is not commisionable to the seller. 

Vendor Portal

track your listings

At The PhIr Story, transparency is a core value that we uphold with pride. Whether you list your items with us through TPS Concierge or TPS Bazaar, our vendor portal provides you with the tools to monitor and manage your sales effectively.

After listing your items, you gain access to real-time tracking features within the vendor portal. Upon a successful sale, an automated email notification will be sent to you, ensuring prompt communication regarding the transaction.

 Within the vendor portal, you have the capability to monitor various aspects of your sales performance: 
  • Monthly Payouts Tracking: Keep a close eye on your monthly payouts, allowing you to stay informed about your earnings and financial transactions. 
  • Past Payouts History: Access a comprehensive record of your past payouts, providing a transparent overview of your transaction history with The PhIr Story. 
  • Commission Preview: Get insights into the expected commission for your listings, allowing you to anticipate and plan based on the potential earnings once your items are sold. 

Our commitment to transparency extends to every step of the selling process, empowering you with the information needed to make informed decisions and optimize your experience with The PhIr Story.

*The listings in the demo video 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between TPS Bazaar and TPS Consierage?

Let's simplify and clarify the difference between TPS Bazaar and Concierge:

Concierge Service: You send the items you want to sell to our warehouse. We take care of everything: we photograph, clean, and list the items for you. 

You don't have to worry about the selling process; we handle it for you and we take a higher commission.

Bazaar Service: You take pictures of the items you want to sell. List the items using our seller form.

When an item sells, we provide you with a shipping label. You ship the sold item directly to the buyer. 

In simple terms, Concierge is like having a helper who takes care of everything for you, while Bazaar is more DIY, where you take care of listing and shipping.

How much commission do I make on TPS Bazaar

For TPS Bazaar, you earn 85% of the total sale amount for your item.

Example: If you successfully sell an item for $100, you receive $85, while TPS retains $15.

How Much Commission do I make on TPS concierge?

For TPS Concierge, you earn 70% of the total sale amount for your item.

 Example: If your item successfully sells  for $100, you receive $70, while TPS retains $30.

Why do you keep a higher commission for TPS concierge?

Shipping, Photography, and Cleaning as well as, measuring and packaging are included in our concierge service at no extra cost to the seller, which is why our commission is slightly higher.